Day one – to the Eiffel Tower and Beyond!

the Eiffel Tower by Sandy Hibbard Wright

Greetings from Paris! 

What a wonderful first day in Paris!  We don’t know how we did it but we did!  After an 11 hour flight and only 3 hours of sleep, we landed in Paris and checked in to our beautiful hotel on La Republique Boulevard by the Opera House.  After resting for a few hours, we hit the street to explore then later caught a cab and headed to the Eiffel Tower – I mean, you’re in Paris, you start with the most infamous structures of all time (or at least up there with the pyramids and the Statue of Liberty), right?  It was just as I thought it would be, looming, majestic, representing all things “PARIS” – complimented by what would be perfect “room temperature” spring weather.  There were lovers on the lawn, break dancers performing, local residents walking through with their groceries in hand giving a watchful eye to make sure the crazy tourists were behaving, bikes galore, joggers, and hundreds of tourists lining up to ride to the top.  Jude and I opted out of the ride and went to the lawn for our own adventure.  I snapped a lot of pictures and stopped to eat the cheese and baguette Judy and I purchased earlier in the day –  no wine this time, I am saving that for another time!  (; –

We left the Eiffel Tower lawn and walked along “La Seine” where we stopped at our first official Parisian sidewalk cafe – Chez Francis – situated along the river with a nice view of the Eiffel Tower. We had espresso and a dinner of  salmon on petite toast points with dill sour cream sauce.  We were stunned when as the sun began to fall, the lights on the Eiffel Tower went off like a sparkler on the 4th of July!  Stunningly beautiful!

Arc de Triomphe Paris by Sandy Hibbard WrightI bet we walked 10 miles that evening – we were of course in total denial that we had jet lag, were a bit sleep deprived, and a whole lot goofy!!  But we plow onward to see the golden glory of the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs Elysees.

Cappicino and Creme Brulee by Sandy Hibbard WrightAfter a couple more espresso stops and one final midnight snack of decaf cappuccino, Cream Brulee, a bite of a decadent chocolate brownie with a smooth-saucy filling,  and a raspberry sauce topped smooth as butter custard (obviously we were starving), we caught a cab and went back to the hotel.  BUT NOT after walking down the block to the Turkish market to buy water where we quickly captured the attention of the locals hanging out there.   They loved it when we told them we were from Texas – YOU DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS GIRLS!!    Lights out…goodnight!

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