Day Two: Finding the “hummmm” of the city

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Day two was spent in search of the Latin Quarter!  We had a great day shopping, stopping for espressos and cappuccinos and tidbits of food.   After breakfast (really lunch), we headed out to St. Germaine and visited the St. Michelle cathedral, explored the cozy little ancient streets lined with pubs and shoppes of all sorts.  We looked for what is called the Latin Quarter but instead found a shopping haven and the “hum” of a beautiful city filled with lots of surprises – small boutiques, cafes, patisseries, and galleries (more on the Latin Quarter tomorrow) – and an abundant supply of beautiful people!  I mean really, I have never seen so many beautiful people in one city!  We bought clothes, shopped for shoes, picked up chocolate, a fresh baguette and a citrus pound cake, and did I say espressos?

Funny story…We started the day at a restaurant (unnamed to protect the innocent) by the hotel.  Not speaking a phrase of French we attempted to order our breakfast.  I ordered my french onion soup and then Judy ordered.  She was undecided at first, then ordered some eggs, the waitress asked her something, we all looked at each other trying to understand, then with a hand gesture Judy said ok, yes.  A bit later the waitress delivered two plates of boiled eggs topped with mayonnaise!  Now, if you know me, you know that this was almost repulsive.  I put the plate to the side and waited for my French Onion soup.  Judy quickly digs into her eggs removing the mayo topping and HER french onion soup….I sit there…play with my phone, take photos of the food.  No food.  Finally I asked the waitress to please bring me my soup, which eventually got there and delicious.  I tried to communicate about the eggs, but she just didn’t get it…so they sat there and I paid.  Lesson learned: if you can’t speak French, point to the items on the menu!   If the items on the menu are in French….se la vie!

We ended the day at a great place called Cafe Le Fleur.  This was truly a magical evening.  The wine was great and the laughter was abundant!   Max, our waiter I think was looking out for us and took a likeing to Judy.   He was great.  At the end of our meal we tried to give him a tip, and he would not allow it.  In his hard to understand English he said that you don’t do that in France and that it was his pleasure to serve us!  Amazing!  And by the way, did you know it doesn’t get dark here until almost 10:00 pm?  Wonderful!

4 thoughts on “Day Two: Finding the “hummmm” of the city

    • haha! That is so funny, you would not have believed the look on our faces when they brought out the dish. I am talking a topping of MAYO like whipped cream on top of hot chocolate!! Love Love!

  1. You two look like you were born for Paris! What a vacation. Enjoy your time with Judy and have a wonderful time on your adventure.

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