Day Five: To the Pere Lachaise Cemetary to find Jim Morrison!

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Oh my gosh!!!  We are so tired you can’t believe how many miles we have walked!  We have literally seen Paris on foot!  We started the day with morning cappuccinos and omelets at a cool little café in front of the Pere Lachaise cemetery (today’s adventure).  We started walking the old cobblestone pathways of the cemetery with already sore feet from walking back to the hotel at 2:00 am after seeing the late showing of Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen’s new movie.  A magical and fabulous movie, you definitely want to see this one.  It is a wonderful story  in a magical setting of new and old Paris that only Woody Allen can create.  After the movie, we stopped for a midnight cappuccino to talk about it, intending to take the Metro back to the hotel…BUT, on our way back we took the wrong street and could not find a Metro or a cab anywhere!  So, we kept walking – block after block through the Paris party district and on to quiet working neighborhoods  –  one hour later (on screaming feet) we arrive at the hotel!  Exhausted!

Today we went to Pere Lachaise cemetery and started the hunt for Jim Morrison’s grave site….we were there most of the day.  Amazing place.  I have NEVER seen anything like it.  We finally found Morrison’s grave and carved our name into the tree at his spot.  Actually, I carved my son’s name because I knew that would be special to him.  The grave is modest and in a place quite hard to find.  We then went to find Amedeo Modigliani’s grave and while looking ran into a Parisian woman who was tending a gravesite who helped us locate Modigliani along with Edith Piaff’s  grave.  We also found Sarah Berhardt’s grave.  The cemetery is massive and the graves or tombs are like small cathedrals!  You really can’t imagine it unless you see it with your own eyes!

Late in the afternoon, we sought out a cool trendy area we had read about called St. Martins’ Canal, sampled their pastries, visited their neighborhood flower garden, and shopped around in the unique shops.  In the light sprinkle of rain and the almost cold temperature, we headed back to the Metro to go to the Invalides and the Champs Elysees (had to go there again!).  The area is pure grandeur – beyond description.  That famous bridge that you see in the movies (Jack Nicholson, Owen Wilson, etc) is there alongside massive structures and sculptures  laden with gold.  Everywhere you turn in this city you are met with a surprise of history and magnificent architecture…..

Dining tonight at a beautiful French restaurant “Laduree” was a real treat.  The opulent surroundings made you feel like you had been transported to 1890’s Paris.  Delicious food and wonderful dessert.

I bet we have eaten our weight in bread since we have been here!  I mean really!  When you are out and about all day like we have been we skip meals, then as you are walking you see this amazing Patisserie with all these beautiful breads and pastries and you  (I) cannot resist!!  But I can’t feel too bad, with all the walking we are doing, we deserve it!!  ; )

Inspite of anything you might have heard, the French people have been wonderful, helpful and friendly – dispite our crippleing disability to speak their language.  And the biggest shock of all….no tips!  Everything is included in your check – makes it so easy.  Tonight we had a disco moment with our cab driver as he pumped up the music and we sang Tom Jones “She’s a Lady” and Abba’s “Knowing me knowing you”  with him on the way back to the hotel.  Life is wonderful!

Tomorrow we head to the “granddaddy of all Paris flea markets” at Clingnancourt.  I’ve been saving for this!  Not sure how we will get anything we buy back home with us but I can’t think about that right now, instead I’m hitting the bath then lights out!

4 thoughts on “Day Five: To the Pere Lachaise Cemetary to find Jim Morrison!

  1. Sandy and Judy,
    Donna and I are immensely enjoying, following your trip with you. We are very glad you both are there together. Now Donna expects me to take her. We took a 12 day trip around Italy two years back. I think Paris would be better. Keep having fun – Life is Good…

  2. You guys are really seeing Paris the way it should be seen. What an experience!!! Now go buy a bunch of stuff, then buy a new suitcase to put it in (with a gift for me too wink wink). 🙂

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