Day 8 to the Louvre!

2 sisters in Paris at the Louvre

Our trip is winding down now and we are starting to feel sad to have to go home.  Not that home isn’t wonderful, it’s just hot!  haha!  And here the weather has been absolutely perfect – room temperature – and today is not disappointing, we have a perfect Spring day for our excursion to the Louvre and the Tuileries Garden Paris.

Day 8 was our last full day in Paris before our final travel day, so we slept in just a little (not hard for Judith and I!) and started the day quickly, caught a cab and headed to the mighty Louvre.  It is so large and so awe inspiring, I really think the best way to see it would be to take a small section a day until you could get through it, and that may take 3-5 days depending on how trigger happy your camera finger is!!   Man’s creativity at it’s best!  Sculptures, artifacts, art, drawings, jewels, crowns, ancient implements that put a line on man’s history, jewelry to prove that a woman has always been….well, a woman!  Sexual paintings, spiritual paintings, drunk paintings – haha!  I think you get the idea.  Here is a quick look at a few of the works of art we saw.

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After a couple of hours of soaking up art from the ages, Judy put it all in perspective – she said “Sister, this all gives me a renewed faith in mankind”.  I couldn’t agree more!

I felt like our day had only just begun after our excursion at the Louvre.  Next up we discover a beautiful treasure as we wandered out onto the grounds –  the grand Tuileries Garden Paris – a magnificent garden designed in 1689 that Monet and many of the great impressionists had painted, not to mention a history of Napoleon and residence of kings and queens. 2 Sisters in Paris in the Tuileries Garden

“The Tuileries Garden covers about 63 acres and still closely follows a design laid out by the royal landscape architect André Le Nôtre in 1664. His spacious formal garden plan drew out the perspective from the reflecting pools one to the other in an unbroken vista along a central axis from the west façade, which has been extended as the Axe historique.”

2 Sisters in Paris in the Tuileries GardenMy favorite part of the Tuileries, the ice cream hut by the fountain where the beautiful Parisians dish up delicious gelato in the form of tulips!

We wanted to end the last full day in the same place we started, so we walked along La Sein and back to the Eiffel Tower to await the light show and find our first and favorite cafe –  Chez Francis –  to eat and drink and have dessert (just like our first night in Paris).  We had to wait a while (ha – 2 hours!!  Thanks big sister for being so patient with me!!) for the evening to fall and the light show to begin, but once it did, we were there with our cameras and this time, knowing what was going to happen, was some how more exciting!  I felt like a kid at the circus when the Eiffel Tower lit up like a sparkler!  Our last night in Paris was truly magic – a perfect trip from start to finish!

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