Traveling to the Big Apple via Brooklyn Heights – home of the new white collar family

Sandy Hibbards Latte at the Iris Cafe in Brooklyn Heights New York

Of course I’m going to seek out the best latte, no matter where I travel!  Well, in Brooklyn Heights – a cozy little neighborhood tucked away beneath towering trees in historic Brooklyn is a little jewel situated between historic brownstones and cobblestone streets I found last year, the Iris Cafe.  To celebrate my return, it was my first choice on my first day back to Brooklyn Heights for the perfect latte.  (On a personal note, this trip is a celebration of my liberation from a very tough last 15 months.  When I came to visit my family last May, I was a heartbroken young lady, but the year/months have passed and I have healed and grown and am prepared for a new life both personally and professionally – thus my excursion back to one of my favorite places!)  I am excited about this visit to NY and will be here playing and working – developing a new out of the box social media marketing product, a new business plan for Lyric’s 12th year!!  Exploring new marketing strategies for my clients, learning how to take better photos, walk more, reflect more, eat new foods, and visit with my precious niece Melissa and her hubby Hamid.  I invite you to stay tuned-in with me this month as I bring you my musings, discoveries and adventures (and of course photos!)  from Brooklyn Heights and NYC!

Brooklyn Heights, unless you know it and have been here, is not at all what you might expect.  Just the work “Brooklyn” conjures up images of the mighty Brooklyn Bridge, the Dodgers, and wonderful waist expanding pizza!  But there is more and it is interesting.Brooklyn Bridge by Sandy Hibbard

First, it’s location makes it a great place to escape with your family.  Brooklyn Heights stretches from Old Fulton Street near the Brooklyn Bridge south to Atlantic Avenue and from the East River east to Court Street and Cadman Plaza. Adjacent neighborhoods are: DUMBO, Downtown Brooklyn, Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill.

It is directly across the East River from Manhattan, and easily accessible to Downtown and multiple subway lines.

Manhattan Skyline by Sandy HibbardYou will find the residents to be mostly white collar, professional men and women, people who work on Wall Street (only a 10 minute commute), wealthy art collectors, actors, writers and intellectuals that have fled Manhattan for a quiet family spot of historic brownstones – many still one-family,  three to four stories and over 4,000 sf.  I first noticed the family influence last year when I was out scouting the area with my camera and noticed an abundance of nannies lined up at the intersections with one, two and three and sometimes more children in strollers. In addition, the area is so rich in historic architecture, it is often used in the entertainment industry for location shoots, especially at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

As I mentioned, a great range of historic architectural styles is represented, including a few Federal-style houses from the early 19th century in the northern part of the neighborhood, brick Greek Revival and Gothic Revival houses, and Italianate brownstones. A number of houses, particularly along Pierrepont Street and Pierrepont Place are authentic mansions….you would just have to see them in person – stuff straight out of the movies!

Brooklyn Heights is a hidden treasure – it’s locale and preserved historic homes makes it one of the most expensive neighborhoods in NY with historic brownstones selling for $1 million to over $14 million +.  No wonder some notable entertainers and creatives have been know to live here:

Paul Bettany
Gabriel Byrne
Truman Capote
Thomas wolf
Mary Tyler Moore
Arthur Miller
Paul Giamatti
Joseph Brodsky
Hamid and Melissa Rahmanian

More to come . . .

Love and Peace!

One thought on “Traveling to the Big Apple via Brooklyn Heights – home of the new white collar family

  1. wow…i just loveee to read your make it like a very good book and it comes alive…i never get to travel, so i live thru YOUR travels..and love them all…if you ever need a friend to accompany you,, just give me a shout ok? lol love ya sandy…

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