A Taste of Medieval Magic in Art, Design, and Street Vendors!

florence Italy Cathedal

WOW!  This place is amazing.  Everywhere you turn there is art, intricate design, and deliberate form.  I couldn’t help thinking as we were walking through Florence today that these are art forms lost to us in this modern world.  We visited Michelangelo’s David at the Galerie’ de la Academia and walked through the scores of Piazzas to find sculptures, cathedrals, tiny cobblestone streets, old castles, bars, shops and probably what has been my favorite, the old-world street vendor area.  We learned that the street vendor “booths” are over 800 years old, the same old wood and iron, they are truly amazing, when they are closed they look like little big jewelry boxes.  I noticed them the first night we were here, then the next morning when we walked through the same area, they were opened and transformed to amazing fine jewelry “stores” – we are heading over there today to do some more looking around!

Wine being poured at the Golden View Restaurant

Our wine tasting adventure “Divino Tuscony” starts today and I am very excited, so to prepare, Steph and I have been doing our own wine tasting!  Last night our first taste of the evening was from a bottle of “Il Borro”, from Ferragamo’s house, a beautiful lighter wine perfect for relaxing before we made plans for dinner.  For our dinner at the wonderful Golden View Bistro (suggested by Andrew at the Hotel) we had an amazing bottle of Brunellodi Montalcino, vintage 2001, rich and full bodied, a fabulous wine to pair with our dinner of tuna Sashimi with cherry tomatoes, grilled tuna steak with onions, and of course, a margarita pizza!

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Ok, time to head out and taste some more of Florence!  We will get out and explore some more of the city then head over to the Grand Hotel Villa Cora to get our packages for the events happening the rest of the week.  Tonight we are going to The Divino Tuscany House Party featuring Havana’s hottest jazz pianist Ernán López Nussa who will perform before dinner is served.  After dinner there will be a grappa tasting with Cuban cigars and mojitos.  The evening will end with the Italian premiere screening of James Suckling and James Orr’s film Heart and Soul of Cuba.

Until then….arrivederci!!

PS the featured photo is of Sandy at a wine event in Florence taken by the amazing Alessandro Moggi, view his work at www.alessandromoggi.com

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