Food and Wine, Food and Wine – and the Bells of Florence

Waking up this morning in Florence to the sounds of the cathedral bells is like waking up in a 1940’s movie.  Our room is medieval, the walls are made of hundreds of years old stone and brick, and the rough hewn wood  adorns the staircase that leads up to a cozy loft that overlooks the white linen canopy over the bed.  Why would I want to get up?  The answer?  More food and wine!  Ha!

It has been a world wind last couple of days, early days, late nights and wine!  We have met some great people – George, Mitch, Lisa, Greg and Teri and John all from Southern Cal and in the wine business.  Tori and Torchie, Beverly, Mary and Margie are ladies we have met ALL from Dallas (small world!!).  Alessandro (awesome photographer), Marco, Ian, Steph (another Stephanie!) and Rob are all part of the event staff and believe me they rock!  Tullia, Ralf (from Stings winery), Franchesco and Lauretta, also from the wineries and a fellow musician Kumar from Shri Lanka!  More cool people – Frank and Lorealle, John Luigi a graphic artist, and Ramona and Debra business owners from Carmel, California.  So far our favorite discovered store is Jasmine, beautiful clothes great owners!

Stephanie and I had the opportunity to also meet and talk to acclaimed wine critic James Suckling last night at the Gala Dinner that was at the Palazzo Corsini.  He premiered his new documentary film “The Heart and Soul of Cuba” on Thursday night at the Divino Tuscany House Party at the Grand Hotel Villa Cora.  The wine flowed along with Cuban cigars, Mojitos and Grappas. At the Palazzo Corsini we  had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Havana’s hottest jazz pianist Ernan Lopez Nussa, his performance the day before was nothing short of stunning, perfection to the finest.  A very shy, quiet and powerfully focused man.  He will be performing again at Sting’s estate where we will be on Sunday for a traditional outdoor pig roast.  Today our adventure begins with “Tasting Encounters” with wine master Ned Goodwin, this should be a good day.

We are so excited that tonight we have been invited to have a private dinner hosted by Ferruccio and Salvatore Ferragamo, it starts at the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo then moves to the Restorante Borgo San Jacopo.   Ladies, the museum is a SHOE museum of Ferragamo shoes!!  I can’t wait!

Well, I need to get dressed and ready for the day, so enjoy the pics below and stay tuned for more!  Love and Peace! Sandy

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