NYC – 5th Avenue, Central Park, Castles, Birthdays and The Four Seasons

Greetings from New York!  

I am back in NYC working and playing! This trip I had the opportunity to stay the first week at an adorable apartment on 66th and 5th, right across from Central Park (thank you Aunt Dee for the birthday present!).  I had a wonderful time during my week stay in Manhattan.  I met some wonderful people, had amazing food and wine, shopped till I dropped, hiked through Bergdorf Goodman’s and the fabulous Plaza Hotel (that was like a visit back to the Great Gatsby!) and experienced invigorating runs around the park and up 66th to my local Starbucks.

I have now moved to my dear Melissa and Hamid’s place in Brooklyn Heights, my NY office!  I will be here to play with my new grand-niece Sophie and work on client projects.

I had my birthday last week and celebrated in high-style with my fabulous Aunt Dee.  We have always wanted to share a trip to NYC together and this was our moment.  Here is a peek at my birthday celebration in the big Apple!

(more pics below too!)

I slept in till 10, threw on my running shoes and shorts and headed across the street to Central Park.  I jogged and walked and made many stops for pics and exploration (felt like such a kid).  I found this trail called “The Brambles” and ran through the woods, past the fountains, by the Boat House, and the lake.

Belvedere Castle in Central Park NYC

I came upon a victorian structure, “Belvedere Castle”, a “victorian folly” built in 1872 on the highest point in the park.  My playtime lasted over 2 hours and finally I emerge back onto 5th avenue hot and hungry! I found it so interesting how similar this area of New York City and the Central Park is to Paris.  In Central Park the boulevards, architecture, monuments, statues, public areas, and fountains are very reminiscent of Paris, I loved it!  (See more pics in my Facebook album)

I returned to the apartment and worked for the afternoon, snacking on yogurt and blueberries and surprised by a delivery of a most fabulous bouquet of Happy Birthday flowers!

We had reservations for dinner at 8:00 so Dee and I get dressed and hop a cab to The Four Seasons Restaurant.  It was my first time to go to The Four Seasons and I have to say it met all of my expectations and did not disappoint.  We dined in the Pool Room at a cozy banquette for two next to the pool (which by the way was like a large hot tub with gentle bubbles and light dancing on the the surface of the water all evening).  We were welcomed warmly and treated like queens all night. I had grilled Halibut Steak with Spring Vegetables Fricassée and Lemon-Thyme Sauce – and the wine? A fabulous Sangiovese from Tuscany.

Sandy's Birthday Cotton Candy from The Four Seasons Restaurant in NYCOk, now here is where the fun begins, after dinner, they bring champagne, and this adorable mound of pink cotton candy sprinkled with candied violets (I stashed the violets because they were heavenly and I am snacking on them now!).  Hidden underneath the cotton candy was vanilla ice cream with tiny cherry sprinkles!  It was also topped (of course) with a birthday candle! Then they bring a dish of little bite size delectables, chocolate soufflé with a dish of just whipped cream, espresso and cappuccino – ahhh, heaven!

Our captain was BunSong Moon, he was fabulous and insisted on pictures with Dee and I, and of course was delighted to take my photo by the pool (see the slide show below).

Ok, to wrap it up I will share a true story and memorable moment from the evening (my only regret is that I had tucked my iPhone away when this happened, so I didn’t get a snap!):  Early in the evening, during the salad, this lady who is having dinner at a table across the room, hops up onto the side of the pool (a little drunk perhaps?) in her dress and barefooted.  She stumbles a bit and then makes this declaration: “this is for everyone who loves life…. because I know that you all just want to have a good time!” and she proceeds to jump into the pool then FALL into the pool.  She was quietly and without event retrieved from the pool, given a towel and placed back at her table – friends laughing!  I seem to be getting a similar message everywhere I turn in my life and travels these days!  The message? To simply take the time to enjoy life, take ourselves a little LESS serious and live each moment.  Vivre votre vie!

Love and Peace!

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