Sunday greetings from Paris!

Flowers in my Paris apartment
Good morning from Paris!

My first Paris espresso at www.2sistersinparis.wordpress.comSister Judith and I arrived yesterday and got settled into the apartment perfectly situated on Rue Dauphine in the Latin Quarter just a few meters from the Seine.  We slept in this morning till 1:00 pm to get caught up on some much needed sleep – the flight over here was nothing short of miserable!!  Here today it is cloudy and cool and lovely.   The apartment is adorable and the neighborhood is fantastic.  It is an active area with many restaurants and art galleries, just meters away from the Seine.
Street side fish market in the Latin Quarter  www.2sistersinparis.wordpress.comArriving in Paris after the grueling 9 hour flight, we found Parisians to be helpful  (contrary to what so many people think!).  Keep in mind that Judith nor I can speak French (although we are trying to learn some basic conversational phrasing).  There was this adorable young girl at one of the stores who took the time to help us and teach us the difference between “you” and “I”!  Then there was the concierge at a local hotel that took time from his job to draw me a map to a shop we were looking for and help me with my French again, of course all while speaking English to me!
Street Candy stand in the Latin Quarter www.2sistersinparis.wordpress.comOur apartment owner,  Irma,  has been absolutely fabulous in helping us get settled, she even called this morning to check on us!  And my friend Philippe – a true Parisian that I met on Facebook  – has been amazing to reach out and offer his friendship, advice, laughter and help with all things Parisian!  We are looking forward to meeting him and his wife and friends later this week.  Beautiful people, and I do mean Beautiful!  (More on that later girls!)
Last night was really lively as a Saturday night (it was a blue moon you know!) and we finally went to bed around midnight then around 4:00am we are awaked to Barry White’s Dance the Night Away THUMPING from the street party below – had to love it!  It was quickly shut down though and it got quiet.  Life is just teaming all around, I love it!
Sister Judith and Sandy and the Blue moon on the Seine  at www.2sistersinparis.wordpress.comMade our first espresso with foamed milk – all here in the apartment.  So we are sitting here listening to Billie Holliday, windows open, drinking espresso, eating yogurt and enjoying the sounds and breeze from the windows.  Today we are going to get out and explore some more of our neighborhood and see what we can find.
A bientôt !

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