Our 3rd Day in Paris – an All Night Escapade!

The River Seine at dusk

Notes from Judith:

This past 24 hours has been a bit surreal. We were exhausted last night but still suffering from a bad case of jet lag so we were tired but wired. We forced ourselves to get in bed at a decent 12:00 midnight and get some very needed rest as we had walked for what seemed like miles yesterday. I slept for 2 hours and Sandy never went to sleep. I got up about 2:00 and we worked on our computers until about 5:00 when we were hit by this amazing aroma wafting up our building walls and floating through our open windows. It was the delicious smell of freshly baked bread and various mouth-watering pastries we were to discover later that morning. So, just like a couple of adventuresome kids we threw on some shorts and flip-flops and a light jacket and tiptoed down the stairs until we landed on the bottom floor of the atrium in the middle of the building.  There we stood peeking into the windows of the bakery kitchen watching the two bakers inside. They worked quickly kneading the dough and laying it out on these very large tables that stood in front of two huge industrial ovens. We watched them for a while and then decided to go look for a place that was open to get some coffee. The first place we went to was Starbucks but it was locked up tight so we just walked around for awhile enjoying the pre-dawn quiet. The streets, normally buzzing with people, were strangely empty and by this time it had started to mist so we headed back to the bakery hoping it had finally opened. Yea! It was open and I’m sure we were their first customers of the day. The glassed-in counter shelves were full of all sorts of delicious pastries and we bought more than we could eat – but we tried. Oh yes, we did try. We took our bag of goodies right up to the corner bistro that had also just opened and we plopped down at the bar and had cappuccinos and a bag full of freshly baked French pastries.

Full and very sleepy, we came back to the apartment . Sandy began to work on her computer and I went right up to bed! Later in the afternoon we ventured out and found a grocery and stocked up on essentials….almonds, yogurt, milk, espresso, cream, and fruit. On the way home we stopped at a bistro, grabbed a street side table and had a glass of wine; and true to the nature of a couple little voyouers, we sat and watched the world, in all of its human wonder, unfold itself all around us making us feel really grateful to be part of the experience.

Notes from Sandy:

Finally we slept!  But the experience of staying up all night, walking the empty misty streets of our neighborhood, seeing the sun rise in Paris, having early morning cappuccino and an omelet at the corner bistro served by a handsome Frenchman, then catching the evening light on the Seine – priceless.  I only wish all my special people could be here with me.  Now that we are over our jet lag we plan to get out and do some serious exploring and I will be taking out my BIG camera, so look out!  More to come…

With much love,

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