Paris Day 6 – Relaxing, Discovering Jazz and Dancing in the Streets of Paris

Good morning Paris! Sunflowers

Ahh, Paris in the afternoon, Très beau !  We decided to take the day “off” on Day 6 and rest.  We wore ourselves out the day before on our trek around Paris to the Eiffel Tower and the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and back to Saint-Germain-des-Prés, so we stayed close to home and enjoyed the heavenly weather and the sounds of the city from our neighborhood.  I started the morning with a walk up the street to the market and picked up some essentials for the cupboard – mozzarella, olives, tomatoes, basil, salmon, and then a stop at one of the bakery’s for fresh bread and of course, wine. I picked up a bottle of Pouilly-Fuisse for Judith and Cote de Beaune – Villages for me (ummmm, I’m working on that one now!), both Bouchard Pere & Fils Grand Vin de Bourgogne.  The wine here is delightful, a lighter touch than what I am used to in the States.  You cannot hardly go wrong with anything you order – red or white – it will be smooth and rich.  Right next to the market is the flower shop that lines the street first thing in the morning with fresh flowers and arrangements – their delicate scents filling the air of the street – what a way to start the day!

We were lazy most the day, working on photos, napping, and taking a few quick walks around the neighborhood.  When evening came we both found ourselves napping again – and it was just late enough that we missed our window of time to get dressed and go out to Fashion Night.  I felt sick when I woke up at 8:00pm realizing that we had not planned or dressed for the night!  Soooo, we opted to stay in, fixed a nice dinner, drank our wine and enjoyed our little space in Paris.  It was wonderful.  In preparing for dinner we went out to the neighborhood to the fresh air vegetable market and gathered more fresh produce for our dinner. I love the outdoor market being right downstairs, it lends such a feeling of community – and sure enough as we were shopping, we ran into our friend Georgia again!  Seems like we are always “bumping” into him on the street in our “hood”!

Our neighborhood market in the Latin Quarter

Our neighborhood market in Paris

Bumping into our friend Georgio at the market

Arriving back at the apartment, we started getting our food out while enjoying the ambiance of the windows being wide open (we do NOT do this in Texas) and the breeze filling the apartment…we start to hear music from the street below.  I grabbed my iPhone and we headed down to see what was going on. At the corner of Le Buci and Rue Dauphine there is an old school Jazz combo playing and the most darling little lady I have ever seen doing a soft-shoe shuffle to the music.  It was magical. I caught a few videos with my iPhone – all in short pieces so I could upload them.  Here is a peek of one of them:

Back up at the apartment we feasted on our freshly prepared, first home-cooked meal in Paris (although I did not “cook” anything!), of smoked Salmon, my own version of Caprese Salad (fresh basil, large cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese and herbs), fresh olive bread, and of course olive oil and balsamic – with our carefully selected wines!  C’était délicieux !

My first home-cooked meal in Paris

I have always loved the city, and I love the country too and can fit into any environment I find myself in, but there is something about stepping outside your front door into the world teeming with life, activity, people, sounds, and colors, that has always inspired me.  Paris is all that….and more.

One more video from the jazz man and the dancing lady – just so you keep us on your mind!

More to come, right now I am going to finish this glass of wine and head to bed – early day tomorrow for blogging on our very eventful Day 7 and off to more adventures.  Bon unit!

2 thoughts on “Paris Day 6 – Relaxing, Discovering Jazz and Dancing in the Streets of Paris

  1. Enjoying reading about your trip. I know both of you are enjoying it very much. My only wish is that we were there with you. We have been to Italy, but Paris has to be nicer. Love you both!

    • Thanks so much Roy, it is a beautiful place and if you love Italy, you would love France too. Paris is so rich in culture and old beauty, you really must come here! Glad to hear from you, give Donna my love! Love Love!

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