Paris Day 7: From Le Pharmacie to Saint Germain to Saint Sulpice – the sisters are working Paris!

2 Sisters at the church at Saint Sulpice in Paris

O la vache!  We had a long, exciting day in Paris – met a new friend, did a little business, ate lunch at an old pharmacy, walked, shopped, and experienced new streets and hot night spots!  But before I get started with the details, take a minute to watch this 8 minute tour of Paris  – in high speed!  My Parisian friend Philippe shared this with me and I had to pass it on.  Be sure to see it to the end, you will love the rendezvous at the end – it is amazing and crazy, wild and romantic – just like Paris!

I love how we are all connected these days.  On my trip to Paris last year I met a guy named Alex (of The Wild Child), a Parisian who was working in a shop where Judith and I were shopping.  We started talking and discovered we were both musicians, he a guitarist in a rock band and me a singer in an R&B band, so we exchanged information and connected on Facebook where we have been staying in touch with each over this past year.  Then, another Parisian named Philippe friended me on Facebook through Alex and we began to communicate – the Paris -Dallas connection.

Sandy and Melanie, owner of Choli of Paris www.choli.frThrough our conversations and emails, Philippe and I have become friends (we will be having dinner with he and his wife next week in Paris), sharing in business ideas, passions on art, music and life.  He has now introduced me to some of his friends, and so on and so on.  It was one of Philippe’s friends, Melanie D’ovidio, owner of Choli of Paris, that I met with on Day 7 to brainstorm marketing ideas and see how my company Lyric Marketing can help hers.  Check out her shoe accessory line at her website.  I will be bringing back samples to show to some of my favorite boutique owners.  Melanie is a wonderfully talented WOMAN launching her own business, I want to get her product to Dallas – women networking women!  Next week we will also be meeting with Alex and the band to see how we can help market their talents and get them to Texas!  You gotta love it!

Yet again, I find it so interesting how in this big world, weLOVE ME! are really all the same.  Sure, we have differences on the outside, but as humans, we have the same needs. Women are trying to provide a better life for their children and themselves, men are aspiring to provide for their families and realize a sense of success too…and all of us just want to be loved and appreciated for who we are!  That is why there is no easy answer to all of our world problems except for love and understanding.

After a great day of lunching, discussing marketing with Melanie, and viewing her product line, we headed back to the Latin Quarter and spent the evening just playing like two sisters can.

2 sisters in Paris Day 7 www.2sistersinparis.wordpress.comOk, so some of you might have remembered me telling you about a secret project…we are still working on it, it’s just taken a little more time (ah hum, and nerve) to get it going.  We will not disappoint, we will be revealing it early next week, so stay tuned!

Before you go, take a peek at some of the highlights from today… enjoy!

Love and Peace – À bientôt

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