Paris Day 10: Being a Spectator in Paris Takes Patience and Skills!

One of our local cafes on Rue de Buci in the morning

We were so tired after Day 9’s excursion across Paris that we decided to stay close to our Paris “home” on Day 10.  There is so much to see here that you could literally go to the same place everyday and you would see something different every time – NOT like Groundhog Day!  I think that is what I love so much about where we are, you walk outside your apartment into the “world” – the colors, smells, sights, sounds, shapes, all flood your senses and confirm that you are alive!

So, we started the day with our espresso and didn’t do one thing to our lovely selves but put appropriate clothing on for the cooler weather and head out into the world.  If you didn’t see my videos on espresso making that I posted on Facebook, take a quick peek here:


Can you tell how much fun I am having here!  ; ))

At the cafe we sat – unnoticed – and had our Club Salad, water and more espresso!

The Parisian Club Salad

Being a spectator is an art you know, it takes practice! Hanging out unnoticed so that you can watch others do their thing could be a promising pastime, as long as you don’t get caught – watching!  It certainly was productive for us and our secret project that will be revealed this week!  Time well spent.

Cafe Amoretto Parisian stylethe French Creme BrûléeAt the end of our relaxing day we popped down to the street again, this time into a different cafe where we had not been, for Cafe Amoretto and Cream Brûlée – what a way to end the day!

Day 11 was another walking adventure and we have lots of pics to show you so be sure to Follow us so you won’t miss anything!  PLUS we are working hard on our secret project and will be getting that ready to share later this week.  Until then – love and peace and the sweetest of dreams!

Bon nuit…

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