Paris Day 12: Getting our Hair Done the French Way!

Greetings from Paris on a Friday afternoon.  We are getting ready to go out and meet some more friends we have met on Facebook – you have to love the way we are connected globally.  I think it kinda changes the whole game of business,  politics and marketing!  We have to all help each other because now, more than ever, what WE do can affect the whole world!

On Day 12 Judith and I decided to get our hair done at a French salon COFF1RST.  It was a great experience, and again, had the best experience with the French people who are so attentive to every detail!  Sophie was our stylist and a beautiful girl both in spirit and attitude, very natural beauty.  I was delighted with the outcome and also to find that COFF1RST is in NYC as well!

Have to run now but will have more coming later this evening!  A bientot!  SandyJudith with Sophie at COFF1RST in Paris after getting her hair doneSandy and Sophie from COFF1RST in Paris

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