Paris Day 14 – Getting Ready for the Weekend and Hanging Out With The Wild Boys of Paris!

Sandy with Mitch, Alex, and Oliv - the Wild Child

After our Thursday dinner with Philippe and Dominique in their lovely home, Judith and I were more than excited to meet our next round of Facebook friends in Paris – the Wild Child.  The Wild Child is a Parisian Rock band consisting of Alex, Oliv and Mitch – three wonderfully talented, beautiful, intelligent, spirited young men.  Be sure to LIKE their Facebook page and check out their music – this is a band to watch!

Alex of The Wild Child Alex and I met in Paris last year and kept up with each other on Facebook, this was my first meeting with Mitch and Oliv but we all connected immediately.  Alex is the fiery guitar player that plays his instrument with a wild abandon and improvises with precision and skill – it is amazing to watch him play, and his personality is as fun and crazy as his musicianship!

Mitch of The Wild Child Mitch is the lead vocalist and bass player, he brings a strong European flair to the English lyrics of their songs and DELIVERS them with a soulful clarity and tone that is uniquely his – all while thumping his bass to make you feel the movement and driving the rhythm straight to the heart of the song.

Oliv of The WIld ChildThen there is the drummer, Oliv.  You know you never refer to a drummer as a musician, just a guy that hangs out with them!  Ha!  Well, as Mitch and Alex said, “Oliv is the backbone of the band – he holds it all together“….and I absolutely agree.  His playing is like watching a dance, it is beautiful as he so effortlessly brings down the beat with every movement of his body, very skillful, very soulful.

The Wild Child collaborate together to write their songs – their mission in delivering a song is that it can bring joy, love, and meaning to individuals and make a positive impact.  They write from their hearts and their intellect, they are passionate for life and people – how refreshing! I am grateful that I have met them and have the privilege of working with them as part of their “family”!

We met the guys at Cafe Le Buci  (the guys played there in the streets to a roaring crowd this past summer) just around the corner from the apartment for a glass of wine then later, at Alex’s suggestion, we headed to dinner at Le Procope.  Le Procope is known as the oldest restaurant in Paris.  Please take a look at the link, the history is pretty amazing!  To think that a restaurant has been in operation longer than the United States has been a country!  Humm must have pretty darn good food!  Oh baby!

Le Procope, the oldest restaurant in Paris

And of course dessert at Le Procope, the oldest restaurant in Paris

Our dinner with the Wild Child at Le Procope, the oldest restaurant in Paris

After dinner we finished the night with espresso and doing what a bunch of musicians love to do, hang out, act crazy, talk and listen to music!  Judith had a blast brainstorming and hearing The Wild Child tunes for the first time.  We unwrapped and listened to their new CD ” The Big Machine Part 1″, it is the first in a series of three CD’s they are planning.  Lots ahead for these guys!

It is time for me to go to bed, much more about this past weekend coming tomorrow…..I am doing my best to keep up!  JUDITH!!  I NEED YOU!!!

Love and Peace

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