Paris Update: 2 Sisters in Paris become 1 Sister as I wish Judith a Bon Voyage!

Judith's last night in Paris with sister Sandy

Judith’s last night in Paris at cafe Le Buci, we had a great time and met fellow travelers from Russia, Australia, Brazil, and Texas! Great conversation!!

I am ashamed (well, not really) to say that I haven’t been up this early in Paris since I have been here, at least not on purpose!  It is 7:30am on Monday and I just sent my big sister off in a taxi for the airport.  “2 Sisters in Paris” has just become “1 Sister in Paris” as Judith had to get on a plane and head back to her home in Oklahoma City and return to her responsibilities.  I miss her already!

Judith shopping - she will shop till YOU drop!

Judith shopping in the Marais in Paris. Believe it or not, it is sometimes hard to keep up with her!

We had a wonderful time together as we always do.  Let me tell you, the girl can shop!  I bet there is not a shoppe anywhere in the Latin Quarter that we have not gone in to!  Oh there I go again, I am exaggerating!  hehe….you get the idea though, she is a shopper and we had a blast exploring the many boutiques in the neighborhood.

My sister is amazing.  She is full of life and love, smart and talented, and beautiful!  Growing up as her little sis, I used to watch her get dressed for dates and say to her “you are so pretty”, she has always been a beauty inside and out.  I am privileged to have had her along for part of my Paris adventure.  It was great to meet new friends together as we have.  Judith is always approachable and friendly, her heart is just “right there” – you like her immediately.  When we met Melanie of CHOLI, there was an instant connection, it was obvious.  When we met our friends Philippe and Dom, immediately we knew we were part of the family – and when we met with Alex, Oliv and Mitch of The Wild Child, in addition to feeling like we gained three new friends, we immediately “went to work” together – talking music business and brain storming marketing  for this new hot band.  It would not have been so beautiful here these last two weeks without my big sister!

Funny as it is, we have made it through [2 non-French speaking blondes in Paris!] these last two weeks without too much of a language problem.  But we have had help from some very precious friends! Between Judith and I , about the only phrase we have REALLY mastered is “C’est combien” – which basically means “how much is it?”.  Uh huh.

Last night when I called for a taxi to be here at 7:30 this morning to take Judith to Charles de Gaulle Airport, it was the first time that I have NOT been able to communicate AT ALL!  The recorded message comes on and I could not for the life of me understand ONE WORD!  Then there was a beep…more French…what in the world could I do?  I needed to order a taxi but couldn’t communicate.   So, I emailed  (at midnight) our friends here in Paris – Melanie and Philippe and Dom – a frantic message for help.  I knew I could because the connection Judith and I had made with them was real and special.  Within 5 minutes the phone here in the apartment rang and it was Philippe and Dom who arranged everything for us by phone.  A bit later, Melanie called to see if we still needed help. Very, very nice indeed.  I am grateful for such kindness and willingness to help someone that you have just met, it tells you a lot about their character. I am sure our friendship will continue to grow and be enriched through years to come!

Judith's Last Day in Paris 2012

Judith’s last day in Paris – what did we do? Shopped, ate Salmon, drank wine, walked, met with friends, did business, and met new travelers!

I wanted to take this post and just say goodbye to Judith and thank her for all the fun and love we have shared over the last two weeks.  I will remain in Paris for a while, and now that Judith is gone, continue to blog on 2 Sisters In Paris, but as one sister!  So, stay tuned, I am behind in my posts and have much to tell you about the last three days.  AND I have not forgotten about the SECRET PROJECT, Judith has left that in my hands, and I plan to get that rolled out tonight.  Until then….

Love and Peace!

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