Paris Update: An Accidental Run into Django Reinhardt at the Paris Flea Market!

Parisian SandyHappy Sunday everyone!  I wanted to post quickly before I head out on my walk through the 5th Arrondissement – one of the city’s most appealing and atmospheric areas.  I hope to catch the Sunday market!  First,  I wanted to share with you some cool videos I took yesterday in my most amazing experience in the rain on my THIRD visit to the Marche des Puces Clignancourt – the granddaddy of all flea markets.   The day started with sun, so I was able to hit Porte des Vanves early in the morning with no problems, but by the time I reached Clignancourt in the afternoon it had started to rain!

Porte des Vanves Flea Market on a Saturday morning

Clignancourt - the rain didn't stop anyone at this fabulous flea market!

I am beginning to think that the rain is a part of the Parisian life – doesn’t seem to bother them at all!

It was getting late and I was about to finish up my shopping at Clignancourt, but ran out of cash.  So I stepped out to make a quick run to the ATM to get some cash for a purchase I was making at Daniel et Lili, a most amazing shop of ancient fashion and jewelry accessories from the 1860’s to the 1980’s.  As an ex-fashion jewelry designer, I can’t tell you how much fun I had in this store, I was like a child in a candy store pouring through the boxes and cases of treasures for hours!

Flea Market Dog

On the way to the cash machine I hear this amazing music – Django style (one of my favorites!), coming from a pub up the street. I love this style of music and was totally overcome by the romantic notion of Paris, jazz, Gypsy’s and flea markets!  Ha!  Not necessarily in that order.  So I made the decision that after purchasing my items at the antique market, I would go back and find this pub.  Now, by this time, it is really raining.  So I walk out of the antique market and down the street and around the corner back to the area where I had heard the music flowing and come upon one of the best Gypsy jazz bars in Paris!  “Espace Django Reinhardt“.

Espace Django Reinhardt in Paris

There are two guys up front in the corner window of the bar playing some jazz and some traditional Django Reinhardt style music.  Just what the day had ordered for me!!   It was magical.

The place was packed, a local bar, just like you see in the movies, old (and young) men singing and tossing their beer around and hanging at the bar… I walked in, squeezed through the people and up to the bar, ordered wine and joined them!  Ha! It was hysterical and quite a “moment”.

Musicians playing at Espace Django Reinhardt in Paris

Revelers at Espace Django Reinhardt in Paris

Here are a few short little videos I took of the guys playing…and all the fun!

[youtube: [youtube: [youtube:

After dinner last night,  I was walking back through the neighborhood and I had another musical experience.  Two guitar players were playing the blues on the corner, so I stopped and hung out there for a while and was in amazement at how happy and free everyone seemed.  Even in the rain (yes, it was still raining), people were standing there dancing, laughing, holding their lovers, just hanging out enjoying life.  It was the coolest thing!

Blues Guys playing in front of Cafe de Buci in Paris Latin QuarterIn fact, something I noticed throughout the day was how happy everyone was, I actually NOTICED that.  I would hear a shop keeper just burst into song right there in his stall, guys whistling, ladies jumping out and dancing to the music, the waiter at the pub and the waiter at the cafe, both singing as they worked, and it was crazy busy and raining.  It gives me much to think about for when I get home.  The people are really different here….they appear to love life, and they live it.  Something I definitely do not want to loose sight of!

Bisous, bisous!

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