What I learned in Paris

My Return from Paris

Alex and SandyAs I sat on the plane flying home from Paris, I was filled with emotions.  Not just sadness for leaving, happiness for seeing my kids and loved ones, or relief for a comfy bed, but also the continued wonder of life I have experienced from this adventure.

Going to Paris this time was a choice to experience the culture, the food, wine, meet new friends, work, and take photos.  I achieved all of this and more.  From day one, I walked each day exploring sights and sounds and smells of this wonderful city.  From the Boulangerie and it’s fresh pastries waking me up in the mornings with the most amazing smell wafting up through my windows, to the potpourri of perfume you would smell as women passed you in the Tuileries, or the mysterious enticing “floral” fragrance you would catch when walking through a building or a park. On this trip I was going to be a tourist – I was not going to be a tourist.  And the beauty of my experience there I would have never comprehended before I left Plano.  I continue to be in utter amazement at how things come together in our lives to create a divine synchronicity.  Like meeting people with whom you have an instant chemistry.

Meeting Alex Dhee was just one of the puzzle pieces that began to move into place over a year ago.  I had just been divorced and mending a broken heart when I went on my previous trip to Paris with my sister Judith. Like always, we hit the ground shopping and somehow, without planning or a map, one day toward the end of our journey landed in the St. Germain de Pres area of Paris in a little silver jewelry shop. It was in that little shop that I met Alex who was working there for a time.  Being as friendly and outgoing as Alex is, he immediately greeted Jude and I and the conversation that ensued about music led to an exchange of information, Facebook URL’s, and connecting online.

Alex was beautiful, his long hair and exotic look – who could not resist his adorable nature and piercing brown eyes?  I thought I would make this connection, who knows what could happen?  What happened is that Alex and I did connect via Facebook and would stay in touch for the next year, sharing music and quotes, dreams about playing rock and roll in the US, and becoming friends.

Mitch and Sandy

Oliv and SandyAlex is the lead guitarist in a band called the Wyldz.  He shared their tunes and their videos and I became acquainted with and quite impressed by the band’s music – their talent and skills.  During this “connection” time I was introduced via Alex’s Facebook page to the other band members – the drummer Oliv, and lead vocalist and bassist Mitch Boussel.  As time went by, we all became friends on Facebook and began to share our lives and dreams with each other from 3000+ miles away.  Accident? Hummm.  It wasn’t long before Philippe Ferenscourt, or “Filou”, as his friends call him, connected with me via Facebook as well, then his wife Dominique, and their friend Melanie.

Melanie and Sandy

I began to plan my next trip to the City of Lights.  It was during this time that the communications between my Parisian Facebook friends and I stepped up and I started to get excited about the prospect of meeting them all face to face. I booked my trip for six weeks, took an apartment in the middle of the Latin Quarter – ironically on Rue Dauphine, the same street the little silver shop is located and where I met Alex.  It is actually just a few doors down!  I had no idea.

My sister Judith joined me for the first 17 days of this adventure. We had been in Paris a few days when Alex coordinated our first meeting together with the Wyldz – Alex, Oliv and Mitch.  Everything being communicated via Facebook.  Within a few days of our arrival, Jude and I met them one evening down at the corner bar – Café le Buci – a familiar place to the band as they had played a huge street party there a few months before. Walking up and seeing them all and seeing Alex after so much time, was breathtaking.  They were all so beautiful, kind, and such gentleman.  They bought us coffee and dinner and we enjoyed an evening of conversation about music and life and the synchronicity of our meting. There was an instant chemistry between us all.  We made plans for us to get together again, and we did.

As the days rolled by I also met my other FB friends, Philippe, Dominique and Melanie and her beautiful family. There were others too, like Mitch’s wife Marie and their beautiful children, Pascal, Alexandre’ and the rest of the boys from the “secret project”, Harry and Jesse, Jean-Marie, Irma, David the Chef, and the friends from Harry and Jesse’s party…all amazingly beautiful people.  They embraced me.  Took care of me. My life has been enriched and I know I have made friends that will be in my life always.

Today, after returning to my home in Plano, Texas, I received this email from my dear friends Philippe and Dominique:

Dominique and Phiippe visiting SandyKeep that warm friendship love inside, it will heat your mind and your house … And if you feel cold sometimes don’t hesitate to call us, we will blow the embers to make them grow again … Gros bisous

I am grateful for the birth of new and beautiful friendships and I am rich with friends and loved ones that have and continue to grace my journey.  Life is full of wonder and I happen to be a believer with big faith, or as Alex would say – a “big face”! It is a wondrous thing to fall in love with people.  To see that our hearts are so much the same, that our fears and desires are born from many of the same experiences.

I wanted to share this with you who have followed me on my journey – both to Paris and in life.  Be aware.  Watch.  Listen.  Interact.  You never know what grace may appear and who you might meet that will bring joy and beauty into your life.  This is what I learned in Paris.

Avec beaucoup d’amour et gratitude de Coeur,



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