It’s Like Heaven In Taos New Mexico

Sandy Hibbard in Taos New Mexico“I’m sitting here in the Historic Taos Inn in New Mexico after just finishing a plate of spicy Huevos Rancheros and thinking about how beautifully diverse our country is. You know I love travel, and traveling anywhere in the US is a bonus – they speak my language and I can read the signs!”
~ Sandy Hibbard

I have been to New Mexico before, many years ago I went to Albuquerque and looked up an old flame, well, tried to anyway. This trip was of another kind, visiting the mountain town with a dear friend was magical.  Meeting new friends and attending a wedding in the mountains where the bride arrived on horseback was priceless!

Taos New Mexico - bride on horseback

Taos New Mexico flowers

Whether it was experiencing the summer mountains framed in rain and fresh blooms, or seeking art in the historic village, Taos New Mexico is a sensory blowing and spiritually uplifting place to visit!   Slowing down to breath in the mountain air while discovering my favorite art gallery, or walking through the square to happen across “magic” rocks that attract health and wellness or comfort and prosperity when dropped into your coffee or drink of choice – Taos is diverse and entertaining for everyone, I will definitely go back.  (I have a couple of those rocks neatly tucked into my pocket book, just in case!)

The Rock Bar in Taos New Mexico offering magic rocks

Taos New Mexico - art

I loved the town square antique stores that were loaded with strange oddities each carrying their own unique story – all wonderful.  The azure sky speckled with puffy clouds and the fresh mountain air make it easy to get out and walk, seek (and find) treasures, take photos and just live in the moment.  There is an abundance of art all over this town – definitely a place I think I could live.

sandy with Robert owner of the French antique store in Taos New Mexico

treasures in the French antique store in Taos New Mexico

exploring the town of Taos New Mexico

the town of Taos New Mexico

My favorite memory of this trip was a dinner at a local restaurant – El Meze (highly recommended) – with a dining patio that spills out to the garden that opens up to the mountains.  We were lucky to be there just in time for Nature’s show, featuring a thunder storm with the most awesome thunder clouds I have ever seen.

the view from our table at El Meze in Taos New MexicoThe rain was gentle and the thunder rolled succinctly across the mountain landscape like a perfectly written soundtrack.  The abundant flowers in the garden seemed to open their faces to the gentle rain and dance to the rhythm of the thunder, their colors popping like fireworks! It was the perfect stage for a tasty dinner and the ending of a perfect day.

the view from our table at El Meze in Taos New Mexico

I was delighted to find Taos New Mexico so eye pleasing and laid back.  The wedding I was attending felt the same way. Set at a country estate at the foot of the mountains on a sunny, cloud speckled day with an outdoor temperature that felt like you were inside your home.  All perfect.

Taos New Mexico - wedding venue


flowers in Taos New MexicoThe night before was a little rough as I had fallen on the concrete steps inside my hotel and busted up my mouth pretty good! (NO alcohol involved!) The other wedding guests were going to have to love me as I was – ha!  And they did!  I met some cool folks, some from Dallas like me and some from Colorado and New Mexico.  The night ended with dancing from sunset into the  late hours with a great mix of music – original western music being performed by a local celebrity and of course all the disco and hip-hop favs.

Dancing at the wedding in Taos New Mexico

My fun adventure didn’t end at the wedding but continued on to more shopping and touring old cathedrals and graveyards.  But first a visit UP the mountain to the Taos ski village and a stop at the little german restaurant – ala warming hut. We had great wine and dined on schnitzel and strudel and even encountered a little snow!  This must be what Taos living feels like…

german food in Taos New Mexico ski village

Cheers!  To our next adventure ~ Love and peace,


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