Midnight in Paris – the city of lights

This week is my birthday week, and to celebrate life I have been treating myself every day to something special. It may be a small thing like taking time to plant flowers or have a glass of wine with a friend – or going to a movie with my daughter like I did earlier this week. It’s rare that she and I get to spend evenings together especially going to a movie. But when I heard that the Angelika Theatre was playing Midnight in Paris, I could not pass up the chance to go see one of my favorite movies on the big screen with my favorite girl.

The rain we have been having here and the storm that’s happening right now reminds me of Paris, I don’t know why, but there is nothing like the rain in Paris. Woody Allen honed in on that point in the movie Midnight in Paris and couldn’t portray it more beautifully than in the last scene when the guy meets the girl who doesn’t mind walking in the rain and getting wet. Pure love!

The first time I saw Midnight in Paris was at midnight in Paris!  On the Paris trip 2011 with sister Judith, after finishing dinner at Café Flores we happened across a theater right next to a brasserie in St Germaine and much to our delight Woody Allen’s film was opening that week and we had time to catch the midnight show. After the movie we decided we would chance it and walk back to our hotel, hoping that we could catch a metro or cab. The outcome was hilarious! We never caught a cab, couldn’t find a metro, and got completely lost! We didn’t get back to the hotel until after 2 AM – ha! did we ever get a great foot tour of the city of lights.  God I miss Paris….

Here are some photos from that trip to the city of lights at night – beautiful and magical Paris!








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