The Magic Blue Egyptian Sky

roman coliseum by sandy hibbard


The Roman Coliseum

There are some moments you remember forever. Getting this shot at 5am of the Roman Coliseum was one of them. On a photo/video trip a few years ago to Cambodia, I had one day between flights back to the US, so I booked a day in Rome. I only had 24 hours in this amazing city so I focused on photographing the Vatican and city scenes in the area, indulging in wine, good food, and of course getting very little sleep. It was pure magic.

On the morning of my flight home, i was up early and in a cab heading to the airport. I am sitting half asleep in the back seat and happened to look up just in time to see this scene in front of me. I quickly said to the driver PLEASE STOP! I needed to grab a pic, and with iphone in hand I jumped out of the cab and onto the empty street to shoot this picture. There was something almost mystical about the hazy orange lights against the backdrop of the Egyptian blue sky. Even with all my fancy cameras and video equipment, this is one of my favorites from the trip. The best camera is whatever camera you have available… thanks Chase Jarvis​ for teaching me that. #sandyhibbard #rome #coliseum


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