About Two Sisters In Paris

enjoying a cold and rainy day at Versailles - beautiful!

What do I say about traveling?  What can I say about the art of journaling and documenting our travels?  If you travel and keep a journal, then there is little explanation needed.  You know the excitement of going to a new place and planting your feet on different soil, mingling with other people just like you but worlds apart from you, encountering new foods, new views, and being in awe of the creation and the way we are all connected.  That’s what I love about traveling.

I had a fabulous experience when I went to Paris for the first time with my sister Judith.  I realized just how close we are as human beings, how small the world is becoming and how, with connectivity, I could work anywhere in my business!  After that change in my mind-set I returned to Paris for two months and lived in a small apartment on the left bank.  Quite frankly, it changed my life and the way I wish to live it and work in it.  My agenda when I travel is to explore the culture, the people, the food and  try my best to blend in to discover what’s it’s like to live there.  I take my camera everywhere with me and love seeing through the lens and capturing moments that will live with me forever.

I invite you to join me in my adventures and participate with me by subscribing and contributing your thoughts and ideas on places you have traveled.  Let’s get a conversation going that can not only enhance our experience, but change the world!

Love and Peace!


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